Introduction of Jobe Martin

Dr. Jobe MartinDr. Jobe Martin is the main thrust behind the series of videos under the Incredible Animals That Defy Evolution banner.  Dr. Martin was originally a proponent of Darwinian Evolution. For the last twenty years, he has been actively involved in the issue of Divine Creation vs. Evolution.

He is originally from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He attended nearby Bucknell University and was a Biology Major at Bucknell, in Lewisburg, Pa.

He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School in 1966. Entering into his own private dental practice, he began working at NASA in Houston, Texas.

From there Dr. Martin and his family moved to Dallas, Texas to accept a teaching position at Baylor College of Dentistry.

God Intervened At That Point

His story then reads tat some of his students challenged him to find credible proof that the Theory of Evolution was accurate in its explanation of the origin of the earth and its organisms.

While researching the subject, he came across many inconsistencies in the theory, concerning creatures that could not have survived gradual evolution over millions of years, especially the Bombardier Beetle.

These personal discoveries caused Dr. Martin to doubt the Theory of Evolution and eventually turn completely from a steadfast Darwinian supporter to a Creationist with his own faith in Christ.

Seminary School was Next

In 1982 he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary. He earned a Masters of Theology, specializing in Systematic Theology in 1986. Dr. Jobe MartinAlso while in Dallas, he earned an Associates Degree in Business, from Eastfield Community College. Dr. Martin has written a book on his change in worldviews called The Evolution of a Creationist.

You can learn more about his research of this beetle and other such animals from a video series that he produced called Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. We have published one of these videos on this page and then you may find another of them on our post titled Dr. Martin-Incredible Animals Part II.

Now you may have a look at the first of a series of weekly published Incredible Animals That Defy Evolution.

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