We at Door to Hope Church , believe very strongly in supporting missions from around the world.  We believe we are called to the foreign missions field as well as the local community missions field.

We currently  as a church give money monthly to the following missions.  We support Joel and Yvonne Trimble’s,  Haiti For Christ Ministries, we also support Barb Marang and Rosemary Nelson in Honduras  through the  International Missions Network.  We also have a sponsored child through Compassion International child sponsorship program.  We currently sponsor a young man in Haiti.

Rosemary and Barb’s ministry was founded 18 years ago.  They are from the Syracuse area and left the area to found Abundant Life Christian School in Ciudad Choluteca, Choluteca, Honduras.   They currently run and are missionary teachers at the school. The second Sunday of every monthly is designated as missions Sunday for our giving purposes.